In the heart of Leith lies a gem of ethical entrepreneurship: Lind & Lime Gin. With a recent achievement of B Corp accreditation, (demonstrating the company’s social and environmental performance) Lind & Lime has not only raised the bar in the spirits industry but has also crafted an experience that embodies the essence of sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

My visit to Lind & Lime with two old school friends provided me with the perfect tonic to my culinary and drink-inspired weekend, showing them the best Edinburgh has to offer.

As we embarked on the tour, led by our bubbly thespian guide, Georgia Lee, it became apparent that this wasn’t just a typical gin tour—it was an immersion into the world of conscientious craftsmanship.

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. The distillery joins only 19 gin distilleries worldwide that hold the title, becoming only the fourth Scottish gin distillery to attain the certification, alongside Botanist Gin, North Uist and The House of Botanicals.

Ian Stirling, Co-Founder of Lind & Lime said: “The B Corp certification felt crucial for us. It validates our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices but perhaps more importantly, it provides us with a credible and recognised framework to measure our social and environmental impact..

‘Being a B Corp aligns with our core values and mission, serving as a guiding principle for everything we do. It’s not just about being a profitable business – it’s about using our platform to drive meaningful change and contribute to a better future for all.”

From sourcing materials to engaging with stakeholders, every decision the business makes reflects a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It’s not just about making exceptional gin – it’s about doing so with integrity and purpose.

The story behind Lind & Lime is one of local pride and historical revival. Founded in 2018 by Edinburgh locals and friends Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher, the distillery stands as a testament to Leith’s rich distilling heritage. Their dedication to restoring this legacy is evident not only in the exquisite gin they produce but also in their innovative approach, as seen in the UK’s first vertical distillery, Port of Leith, where we indulged in a pre-dinner cocktail later.

Lind & Lime is a classic London Dry Gin, produced using just seven botanicals, with juniper at its core, complemented by fresh lime peel and pink peppercorn.

The name is inspired by Dr James Lind, an Edinburgh educated Royal Navy surgeon who is recognised for developing the theory that citrus fruits, i.e. limes, could prevent scurvy.

The tour itself is a delightful blend of education and indulgence. Georgia Lee expertly guided us through the intricacies of gin-making, sharing insights into Lind & Lime’s unique process and the history of this beloved spirit. The highlight, undoubtedly, was the opportunity to bottle our own gin—a personalised memento of an unforgettable experience.

But the indulgence didn’t end there. We savoured samples of Lind & Lime Gin and their equally impressive tawny port, gaining an appreciation for the distillery’s diverse offerings. And what better way to conclude than by crafting our own Gin Gimlets, under Georgia’s expert guidance?

The Lind & Lime Gin Tour offers more than just a tasting experience. It’s a celebration of ethical entrepreneurship and the art of fine craftsmanship. Whether you’re a gin enthusiast or simply seeking a unique Edinburgh adventure, Lind & Lime delivers an experience like no other—a true tonic for the soul.

Cheers to Lind & Lime for setting the standard in ethical excellence.

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