As we eagerly step into February, bidding farewell to the somewhat gloomy and prolonged days of January, I find myself back from the sunlit shores of Malaga—a charming city that makes for an excellent getaway if you haven’t experienced it yet.

This trip has become an annual tradition, serving as a delightful celebration for my birthday nestled at the close of January.

Navigating the cost of living remains a challenge, and while the expense of dining out continues to rise, with some restaurants demanding £30+ or more for a rather ordinary bottle of wine, it’s a luxury I still budget for. However, dining out doesn’t have to break the bank.

In my role as a food and drink columnist, I frequently recommend restaurants, and many of them happen to be BYOB establishments here in Edinburgh. Opting for Bring Your Own Bottle venues not only ensures a more economical dining experience but also facilitates fair bill-splitting, especially when dining with friends who may be abstaining from alcohol or sticking to a diet.

This approach not only makes the evening more affordable but also accommodates the diverse preferences of your dining companions. For instance, my friends who savour SB, a grape variety I personally can’t abide, can relish their chosen bottle, while I indulge in my preferred phat, buttery Chardonnay—a taste not universally loved.

To assist you in your frugal feasting endeavours, here’s a curated list of BYOB restaurants in Edinburgh. While some may charge a nominal corkage fee to cover glass disposal, it’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of savouring a delightful bottle of wine of your choosing.

A selection of Indian curries and breads
Best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, Cilantro, will spice up your life

BYOB restaurants

Four waiters with a tray of food outside restaurant

Exciting kick-off for Edinburgh’s new hotel at Tynecastle Park

While my sporting allegiance typically leans towards rugby rather than football, the recent news about Heart of Midlothian, a prominent Scottish Premiership football club, has piqued my interest. In a historic move, the club is set to inaugurate a 25-bedroom hotel and events space as a pivotal part of its extensive growth strategy, marking a significant milestone in its 150-year history.

Nestled within the heart of the west side of Edinburgh at the renowned Tynecastle Park, this development boasts the distinction of being the first club-owned and operated hotel inside a football stadium in the UK.

The Tynecastle Park Hotel showcases a range of individually styled guest rooms, catering to various needs, including family, executive, and accessible rooms. Beyond the accommodation, the facility includes a club lounge and introduces six new dedicated spaces for meetings, conferences, and events.

The well-established and award-winning Skyline Restaurant, which sits on the top floor of the main stand will now be open seven days a week offering overnight guests and non-residents the finest Scottish seasonal menus.

I’m assured the hotel is not just for football fans. The new Tynecastle Park Hotel provides easy access to the city centre, Edinburgh Airport and Murrayfield Stadium for people looking for high-quality, contemporary accommodation as part of an Edinburgh city break or even business travellers.
To celebrate its launch, the Tynecastle Park Hotel is offering a special opening package, including dinner, bed, and breakfast, starting from £150 per room per night, based on double occupancy. Limited guest parking options will also be available.

Tynecastle Park. Photo: © 2022, Martin P. McAdam
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