Council denies making cuts to education for children with additional support needs

We have been contacted by several parents all complaining that their applications for children with additional support needs – children with Down Syndrome, autism or physical disabilities have been rejected. The council has denied this is a cut to provision and has said some applications for places in Educational Support Bases have been granted. None of the parents who contacted us knew anyone whose application has been approved.

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The scene outside Birthlink on Lower Gilmore Place last week

The Birthlink Bins

When we called to drop off a stock of newspapers the other day at Birthlink on Lower Gilmore Place there was a dreadful mess outside. And it is nothing new. The bins from the whole street appear to have moved to take up a position outside the Birthlink charity shop.

But they were overflowing. And although the bins were emptied at the end of last week, by yesterday they were full again. Hopefully this situation will be rectified soon.

Groundhog Day at Greenside Lane

Another van driver (or two) has followed their GPS and turned into Greenside Lane beside the Playhouse – which is no longer accessible by vehicles. To get to this lane a vehicle has to be driven across two stretches of pavement, kerbs and the cycle lane.

Cllr Scott Arthur, transport and environment convener, said: “The footpath in this area is incredibly busy, so these incidents are really concerning.

“While we would expect drivers to use common sense in a situation like this, we are going to install temporary barriers this week to prevent it happening again.”

The Georgian House is hiring

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