Five years ago the Hub for Success was set up and since then it has transformed hundreds of lives.

Based on Edinburgh Napier University research the hub offers one to one support with advice on courses and accommodation for care experienced people going to college and university. So far it has helped with 1,241 enquiries.

Since the Hub began the number of students who progress to further or higher education has risen above the national average.

Edinburgh Napier hosts the team of five staff members while working alongside other bodies including  Heriot-Watt University, the University of Edinburgh, Queen Margaret University, the Open University in Scotland, Edinburgh College, West Lothian College, Newbattle Abbey College, and City of Edinburgh Council.

The Hub is now being held up as a model for the government to replicate in other parts of Scotland.

Alistair Stewart is one of the Hub’s student ambassadors – and is now completing a degree at Edinburgh Napier University. He said: “Our colleges and universities are stronger if each and every learner has what they need to thrive and succeed.

“This applies even more so to those with care experience, who often don’t have the familial supports or scaffolding of support around them.

“The Hub helped with course planning, financial planning and giving me encouragement and courage to believe that I could do this. They then helped me with the ‘staying in’ part, with a range of practical, emotional and relationship-based support.

“Three years later I am about to graduate and have been offered a masters. I have also been promoted to senior student ambassador with the Hub for Success and now take a role in designing and delivering our work.”

Lorraine Moore, Hub for Success manager said: “What a journey the last five years have been.

“The time has been packed full of learning from the care experienced people we serve, and the student ambassadors I am privileged to have as colleagues.

“No journey is ever straightforward, no path even, but this is a journey I would gladly take again, as I know I would continue to learn.  

“From one care experienced character to all you others, thank you.”

Advisory board member, and Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University, Professor Andrea Nolan, said: “I’m in awe of the talent, tenacity, and motivation our care experienced students show.

“We are delighted to have them join the Edinburgh Napier community, and I take particular joy in hearing about their achievements.

“I hope the impact of the Hub will mean many more care experienced learners can join and continue their educational journey with us as a platform for building successful and fulfilling careers.”

TLorraine Moore at the Hub for Success 5th Birthday Party. Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University
The Hub for Success 5th Birthday Party. Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University
Alastair Stewart at The Hub for Success 5th Birthday Party. Hosted by Edinburgh Napier University
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