Douglas Ross the leader of the Scottish Conservatives wishes everyone in Scotland a Happy New Year.

“As we draw 2023 to a close tonight, things are looking brighter right across the UK.   

“This year was difficult for many people in Scotland and, despite the efforts of the UK government to help families, times have continued to be hard.    

“But, as people across Scotland ring in the New Year, I believe that we are entering a new chapter.     

“With an election on the horizon, we face a choice. We have the chance to move forward and ensure both of Scotland’s governments are focused on the issues that really matter to people – growing our economy and rebuilding our key public services. 

“The alternative is to focus on the same old political obsessions that have divided Scotland for far too long.   

“We have the opportunity to move Scotland forward and concentrate on people’s real priorities – that’s my New Year’s resolution.   

“While festivities are underway across the country this Hogmanay, I’d like to extend my gratitude to all of those who are not out celebrating, but who are working hard to keep our country safe. 

“These remarkable men and women serving in our NHS, emergency services and armed forces work tirelessly throughout the year, and to them we owe our sincere thanks.    

“To everyone celebrating tonight – and to Scots across the world – I wish you a happy Hogmanay and the very best for the year ahead.”

Douglas Ross. Photo: © 2021 Martin P. McAdam
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