COSLA and the Scottish Government have moved forward with discussions on the way local government is funded.

The debate arose from the Verity House Agreement between the two bodies agreeing to set out a new way of negotiating and agreeing funding for councils. The government says it intends to give more flexibility to local authorities.

Publishing the update together with COSLA, Deputy First Minister Shona Robison said: “We have made good progress on the new fiscal framework, which is an important plank of the Verity House Agreement and our commitment to better partnership working with local government.

“Already many of the principles we have agreed together are being put into practice, such as improved engagement ahead of the publication of the Scottish Budget and joint working to consider new local tax powers.

“We will continue to work closely with COSLA to progress the next phase of work and continue the positive discussions we’ve had with them on behalf of local councils across Scotland.”

COSLA Resources Spokesperson Councillor Katie Hagmann said: “I welcome this update on progress towards the new fiscal framework- getting this framework in place is a priority for Local Government.

“The new framework should, when complete, give councils greater flexibility over our budgets and enable us to deliver our shared priorities and meet local needs. It will also see much earlier budget engagement.

“The Verity House Agreement commits both spheres of Government to establish a new framework, and it is positive that we have made progress this year but there is more to do, which Ms Robison and I both acknowledge.”

The Scottish Parliament. Photo © 2023 Martin P. McAdam
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