A week after the council elections there appears to be a little movement by two parties who are trying to form an administration.

The SNP councillors are the biggest party group with 19 councillors and the Greens have 10 elected members. They have been discussing a possible minority administration it seems. This would work even in the face of opposition from the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives so long as there was some support on individual matters from the Labour group.

The leader of Scottish Labour ruled out any formal coalitions by Labour councillors ahead of the election demanding “a new way to do politics”. For the last decade the city council has been formed from SNP and Labour councillors with Labour the senior partner first and latterly the SNP.

Steve Burgess Co-Convener of the Edinburgh Greens said: “After a week of discussions between Greens and other political parties, Green councillors want to work positively with SNP councillors to see if we are able to form a council administration.

“There is a good amount of similar policy in both our election manifestos that could result in a greener and fairer Edinburgh. There are also areas such as action on the climate emergency, transport, housing and equalities where Greens would like to see the council go much further. That’s what we are keen to talk with the SNP councillors about this week to see if we can reach agreement on a programme that will benefit the city.

“Any such agreement would also have to be approved  by the individual members of the Edinburgh Greens.”

Steve Burgess Co-Convener of the Edinburgh Greens Election 2019 PHOTO ©2019 The Edinburgh Reporter