A decision was made at a specially convened meeting of Green party members in Edinburgh on Tuesday night, to support a coalition agreement with the Council’s SNP group was passed “overwhelmingly”.  

The group of Green councillors will now take the agreement to a meeting of Edinburgh Council on Thursday where councillors will then vote on whether to support a SNP-Green minority coalition or any alternatives such as the Labour proposal to run the city as a minority administration.

Co-convener of the Green Councillor group Cllr Claire Miller said: “I’m very pleased that individual members of our Party have overwhelmingly supported this exciting agreement. It has a clear vision for a fairer, greener and more inclusive city and packed with strong commitments on housing, transport, equality and the climate emergency.

“It’s an agreement for everyone in Edinburgh particularly those who voted for social justice and climate justice and we look forward to proposing it to the council on Thursday.”

Co-convener of the Green Councillor group Steve Burgess said: “Our members had a very healthy debate about the draft coalition agreement with the SNP and 97% have backed the agreement. Huge thanks go to all our negotiating team who spent long hours in talks and on drafting this agreement over the last couple of weeks.”

Cllr Adam McVey leader of the SNP Group tweeted on Tuesday evening: “I’m very pleased SNP & Greens have now formally agreed to enter a coalition to work together for our capital.
“Edinburgh needs strong leadership & a clear way forward to deal with the cost of living crisis, take serious action to reduce poverty & tackle climate change.”