The first Gullane Food and Drink Festival is planned to help businesses in the village recover from the pandemic.

Businesses and community groups are backing the event which will run from 4 to 10 April 2022, highlighting sustainable environmentally-friendly food production.

Festival founder and owner of the Cherish Tearoom in Gullane, Louise Pickering, said: “Gullane, like many villages across Scotland, has suffered from the impact of the Covid pandemic. It has been a challenging 18 months for businesses in the area.

“This is our community’s way of fighting back, bringing people together from across the village. This festival will not only celebrate the area’s excellent food and drink, but also underline the resilience and community spirit local people have demonstrated in the face of the Covid pandemic.

“We have been working hard to secure a diverse selection of producers for the festival and we are sure visitors won’t be disappointed by the excellent food and drink on offer from across the county and beyond.”

Scotland Food & Drink Chief Executive James Withers said: “The Gullane Food and Drink Festival is an opportunity to showcase the amazing larder East Lothian has to offer as well as educate visitors on the tremendous work being done by this community.

“Scotland’s food and drink producers have a brilliant story to tell around locally sourced, sustainable food production, and this is a great chance for the community of Gullane to tell theirs.”

“This is another great step forward on Scotland’s food tourism journey.”

East Lothian constituency MSP Paul McLennan and South Scotland region MSPs Craig Hoy and Martin Whitfield, said: “This festival will be a fantastic boost for the Gullane community and it is heartening to see local businesses, farmers and community groups teaming up to celebrate the area’s food and drink.

“It also shines a spotlight on the importance of community spirit, people working together for the common good. We are sure the festival will attract visitors from far and wide.”