The most popular place in the UK to bet is here in Scotland. In 2017 a study was released that showed that no less than 68 Percent of Scots place bets once in a while. These numbers are an expression of a sports culture where betting is becoming more and more integrated. 

It has never been more common to regularly place bets on sports matches. In 2017 a survey made by the UK gambling commission showed that the number of Scots placing bets in the previous year was 68 percent. Scotland was also the UK country with the highest rate of online sports betting participation. One reason that online betting has become so popular is because of the accessibility brought by smartphones.

These days it is very easy to place a bet on your phone on the go. The betting sites keep improving and expanding, while the mobile experience keeps getting better as well. The fact that it is so easy to place a bet, makes it more attractive for a lot of people. There are many different sports sites available now. But the best UK odds are found at

Why is betting so popular?

There are many reasons why people like to place bets. Most people express that they place a bet for the entertainment value. It is a way to spice up a sports game and add some additional excitement rather than a way to make money. It is no longer just about whether your favorite team wins or not, but also about whether your predictions were on point, and you’ll win the money.

In many ways, sports betting has become a type of sport itself. There are many different ways to place bets, where you can combine different bets to create a more complicated betting strategy. If you’re successful in this endeavor, you will win more money than on the simple bets. Simply because it is more complicated and thus harder to win. This creates a space for strategy and competition.

The safety when betting

Luckily most sports fans like to bet for fun and don’t have a problem with gambling. But the combination of excitement, sport, money and gambling can create problems for some bettors. That’s why the casinos and betting sites are very aware of the safety around betting. Information is given to bettors about the possibility of developing a gambling addiction. Most bettors set a budget for themselves and just bet for fun once in a while. Read much more about general online safety on

The world of online sports betting keeps evolving as it is growing more popular. The focus is on safety and online security. At the same time, it’s possible to bet on an increasing number of different sports making this type of gambling attractive to a broader selection of Scots. If you’re interested in this development and Scottish sport in general, you can stay updated on all the latest sports news here.