Artist Steven Brown has collaborated with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and today announced the first of two artworks supporting the charity.

The first is inspired by male panda, Yang Guang whose name means sunshine. The artist combines the use of colour and his love of animals in the new McZoo range.

This weekend visitors can buy the artwork and have it signed by Brown during three signing sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Artist Steven Brown said: “I am absolutely over the moon to be working with  RZSS. 

“It is an honour for me as an artist to be working with an organisation who loves animals as much as I do and I hope this project can raise money to support their incredible work. 

“Yang Guang is the perfect addition to the collection and I hope to see lots of visitors at Edinburgh Zoo this weekend to celebrate the launch.”

Ben Supple, Director of Engagement and Business Development at RZSS said, “Sunshine McZoo really captures the spirit of Yang Guang and is a great example of how we can connect with nature in different ways.

“The last 18 months have been an incredibly difficult time for our charity, with the closure of our parks for a total of five months cutting off our main source of income.

“While we still face significant financial pressures, the funds raised by Steven Brown Art will help support our work to connect people with nature and safeguard threatened in Scotland and around the world.”

Another artwork in the future will feature an animal from Highland Wildlife Park.

While recovering from two heart attacks in 2012, Steven started to experiment with colour and materials, developing an abstract technique. 

His famous colourful crew include the well-known highland cow ‘McCoos’, as well as the expanding ‘McZoo’ range and abstract designs which make up Steven’s wide ranging and stunning collections.

The full range, along with all the artist’s designs including his famous highland cow range, the McCoo’s, is available from

Three signings will take place at Edinburgh Zoo on 12 – 2pm and 3 – 4pm Saturday 6 November, 12 – 2pm Sunday 7 November – entry only with valid Edinburgh Zoo tickets.

Succulents on wooden table on white brick wall background