An announcement that Glencorse Barracks is to be retained was made by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace at Westminster on Thursday.

Midlothian MP Owen Thompson welcomed the decision and said:- “I am both relieved and delighted to see the UK Government u-turn on the decision to close Glencorse Barracks. It made no sense economically or strategically to close this modern army base, which not too long ago was hailed as “bench-mark accommodation” by the Ministry of Defence. 

“It’s not just the loss of jobs at the Barracks, we would have lost the important links between Glencorse and the wider Penicuik community. The armed forces personnel and their families play an integral role in life in the town. To lose this would have been devastating both economically and culturally.

“I have petitioned against the decision to close Glencorse Barracks since the decision was announced. I am so glad the UK Government has finally seen sense.”