Authentic antipodean coffee know-how in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

Opening a new coffee shop during a global pandemic is a sign of optimism.

Brew’d, located on Located in Spittal Street, is an excellent new arrival in Edinburgh’s speciality coffee scene and will hopefully thrive despite the circumstances of its birth. Owner and manager Andrew Cohen brings his experience of running a cafe in his native Sydney to Edinburgh. “I always wanted to get back into coffee..and after six years here in Edinburgh I thought that now was the right time…not knowing a pandemic was about to arrive!”. But “we’ve been ticking over quite nicely which is all we could hope for in the circumstances…most importantly it’s been really good fun”. Since restrictions have eased, Brew’d has regularly been busy as its reputation spreads. 

After securing the lease in February 2020 (it was a small newsagent beforehand), Brew’d  opened that June. Since then they have been attracting a steady flow of customers to the shop and selling beans online and to their wholesale clients. As the Source Coffee Company they roast on site (at least three times a week to ensure peak freshness) as well as sourcing beans from other roasters. Source Coffee also offers training for beginner and intermediate baristas.

When we first visited they were offering two fine  espresso options on their Kees van der Westen machine; a citrusy Colombia Las Mercedes and a Ugandan Kisinga from Omwani Coffee. The Ugandan was satisfyingly smooth and chocolatey and beautifully made, with high calibre barista skills on display. Subsequent trips have confirmed the consistent excellence of the coffee they produce.  As well as espresso-based drinks, Brew’d offer pour over coffee, using either a v60 or kalita wave. They also serve vegan hot chocolate, Shubui teas, craft sodas and plant based food.  Their range of baking includes Cronuts, a dangerously moreish croissant-doughnut amalgamation. 

Running as a takeaway during the lockdown period, they have now installed seating – enough for half a dozen customers or so.  Along with vinyl specialists Assai Records over the road, Greek Artisan Pastries, Gooseneck Coffee and the secondhand bookshops of West Port, Brew’d is a welcome addition to an increasingly interesting quarter of the city. 

Brew’d Speciality Coffee Bar (Source Coffee Company) 

4 Spittal Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DX