Bonhams Edinburgh is staging its Scottish Sale in autumn this year and on Thursday and Friday there is a wide selection of important paintings on sale.

One of these artworks has a real Edinburgh connection as it is a painting of the German fleet after surrender in the Firth of Forth, painted in 1918 just after the Armistice.

Pictures specialist, May Matthews, explained the story of the painting. She said: “We’re delighted to have this extremely important and monumental scale oil by James Paterson. He, of course, was the well known Glasgow Boy who came to settle in Moniaive and then later in Edinburgh.

“Whilst he was here in Edinburgh in 1918 of course Armistice happened and the surrender of the German fleet. It was a huge event in naval history, the largest collection of warships ever in the world. And James Paterson flocks to the shore like many other journalists and artists did, and indeed the public of Edinburgh at the time to witness this very important huge scene.

“So we have battleships sailing up from the Isle of May all the way up the Firth of Forth – the steam ships of course, everything is smoggy. It’s dramatic, but it’s beautifully choreographed.

“And this is something that the people of Edinburgh had never seen before or after. So it’s an incredibly important event in our history, but also an important painting by a fantastic well known artist. We’re delighted to have it. Great to have it in Edinburgh, not far away from indeed the scene it was painted at. It’s very exciting. The estimate is £15,000 to £25,000.”

Bonhams Annual Scottish Sale to beheld on 14 and 15 October 2021 with The German Fleet After Surrender – Firth of Forth by James Paterson as the Edinburgh interest PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

Other highlights in the sale include

1.            Still Life with Geranium (£150,000-250,000) and Red Rose (£100,000-150,000), by Samuel Peploe TO BE SOLD IN AID OF AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

2.            Still Life with Oranges, Lemons and an Apple (£100,000-150,000) and Still Life with Ranunculus (£100,000-150,000), by Francis Campbell Boileau TO BE SOLD IN AID OF MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES.

3.            Eight works by Jack Vettriano including, Homage to Fontana? (£40,000-60,000); The Umbrella Lady (£20,000-30,000) and Self Portrait(£20,000-30,000).

4.            The German Fleet After Surrender – Firth of Forth 21 November 1918 by James Paterson (£15,000-25,000).

The Scottish Sale takes place on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 October 2021 at Bonhams Edinburgh.