On Wednesday 27 October Debate Night will be filmed at a venue in Edinburgh city centre.

Host Stephen Jardine invites you to join the audience and join in the discussions, just ahead of COP26 starting at the end of the month. Spaces are limited.

The dates of filming for the next programmes are as follows:

Wednesday 27 October              Edinburgh

Tuesday 2 November                 Glasgow COP26 Special 

Wednesday 10 November           Stirling

Wednesday 17 November           Glasgow

Visit www.bbc.co.uk/debatenight and click ‘Apply to the Audience’ then select a location near you.  Complete the online application.

It is the questions from the audience that lead the discussion – the stories and experiences and opinions that are shared. 

Debate Night is the only television programme of its kind in Scotland where you can put questions to some of the key decision-makers and public figures.

Perhaps you run a business or are a frontline worker? You might be a parent, a carer or a student?  Retired, self-employed or just starting out in the workplace?  Whatever your situation, you are encouraged to apply so that there are as many different voices as possible.