• Following success of Home Accessories Subscription Box service, one off gifting boxes – suitable for all occasions – can now be purchased easily online

New Scottish home interiors company, Bonnie Hame, has launched a new gifting box containing a selection of on trend home accessories.

The innovative husband and wife team, who also sell artisan sourced furniture through their Bonnie Hame online shop, launched their seasonal subscription boxes of home accessories earlier this year. Paying £49 every quarter, the Bonnie Box subscriber receives four seasonally themed boxes a year, each offering at least seven pieces of design led home décor. Subscribing to the service is a quick and easy way of updating the home to match the changing seasons.

Available as a one off gift for £60, the gifting boxes are aimed at the milestone events market – special birthdays & anniversaries, but additionally, events that may particularly require products for the home, new engagements, weddings & moving into a new home.

“We are delighted to have launched this new gifting box service, which uses the same interior design concept as our subscription boxes, offering indulgent, on trend items that can be mixed and matched throughout the home,” said Ranu Kooner of Bonnie Hame.  “These boxes have been very successful as they make it easy to keep abreast of trends, cutting out endless searching online, and in shops, for the must have products that will keep your home looking good as the seasons change.”

“It was a natural progression for us to introduce a one off gifting box which can be given to those that love their home, and we actually had a few customers suggest it too,” added Ranu. “Items for the home are ideal as a gift for couples, so we feel they our boxes are particularly suitable for Silver, Golden & Diamond Weddings, engagements, where a young couple may be looking to build up what they have for their home, and similarly, for couples getting married.”

“Sometimes people don’t want to give just a gift voucher – with a personalised message in our box, this is a much more thoughtful and unique gift for those you care about,” she continued. “It’s easy to order online and can be delivered straight to the door of the recipient.”

Bonnie Hame is one of only a handful of UK based businesses to be selling subscription boxes. Its gifting boxes further cement its position as an up and coming interiors firm.

Its new Autumn Box, referencing the advent of colder evenings, falling leaves, and Halloween, will be out in early October.