There has been a profusion of 2021 Fringe Shows appearing online on an array of digital platforms from YouTube to Zoom and all the others in-between and it has been joyful to see so many artists, solo, ensemble – whom and whatever determined to celebrate their creativity.

And, how to give them them all the publicity they deserve? The High Street blizzard of take, scan, shrug and throw-away yet another flier gives way to myriad social-media chatter. Time will tell if this will compensate for the word on the street, straight from the horse’s mouth recommendations shared by punters queueing for Shows. 

Meanwhile, sing hallelula for The Fringe Player, the total DIY digital domain to go to, catching some of the brilliantly conceived, pre-cooked tasty shows available in the comfort of your inter-Lockdown sofa-spud domain. (Carry-out/pizza terms & conditions dis-applied.)

They aorta be massive..

Notwithstanding – fancy some cocking-a-seriously-cool-snook at that pan-Arts crushing sod of a Covid these past eighteen months? Has your aesthetic-psyche parrot expurgated every last morsel of frustration? Well, here is a thing to put fire in your hearty cockles. That is if Perfect Forth’s hi-octane, take-your-breath-away a cappella, dance ’n studio-bomb on-line trailer is anything to go by. Letting curiosity get the better, it was time to learn more – given theirs is a cheeky riff on an iconic musical notation, Edinburgh’s watery location and, not least their modest self opinion!

In association with Captivate Theatre Ltd, Perfect Forth are a post-collegiate a cappella group debuting their 2021 Fringe conceptual opus, ‘Lost and Found’. Embracing choreography/storytelling and a savvy eye on state-of-the-art tech spec, the group, based in Scotland and boasting sixteen members, collaborated with Captivate Theatre over the last year to record the entire 60-minute digital concert online, together with members spread across the globe.

With the upcoming ‘Lost and Found’ set, Perfect Forth have been very active throughout the last year generating online content utilising the digital domain to gain a foothold in the a cappella niche.  Being one of the, if not the, only post collegiate a cappella group in Scotland, the group has attracted the top graduated members from university a cappella groups such as Aberpella, Tone Up, and The Alleycats.