WeCameToDance is an interactive musical by The American Food Tank, one of the most engaged non-profits in food sustainability, agriculture, food policy, and climate change.

They are presenting WeCameToDance with the purpose of building local engagement and creating thousands of new activists in food and environmental movements at a local grassroots level ahead of COP26.

It is a musical which tells the story of extra-terrestrial life arriving on Earth to warn its inhabitants of a climate crisis that their own planet has experienced.

While guiding audiences in a fully immersed experience through rhythms, dance, and song, the characters relay a call to action and convey the tragedy of a changing climate, yet a sense of hope percolates through each and every motion, movement, and note.

WeCameToDance are – Sophie Douglas, Emmanuella Damptey and Caitlin Anderson.

Images taken at Camera-Obscura & World of Illusions, Edinburgh.