Shortbread House has added more deliciousness to its range with its Truly Handmade Intensely Chocolatey Shortbread Fingers.

The new biscuit is made especially for chocolate lovers, but has an environmental side to it as plastic in the new tin has been reduced by 75%.

Each piece of shortbread produced by The Shortbread House is hand-cut with a knife in the Leith bakery as it has been for generations.

Rupert Laing, director, said: “We are so excited about launching this tin as it is such a beautiful design. We are also thrilled that it is yet another product where we have managed to remove nearly all of the plastic. This continues our commitment to reduce our environmental impact whilst still ensuring that we are known for making the best Scottish shortbread and pairing it with incredibly beautiful packaging.

Partnering with Sara Miller London the new box has an elegant design featuring songbirds and butterflies, with fruit trees set against a duck egg blue backdrop.

Sara said: “We are so delighted to be adding another tin to Shortbread House of Edinburgh’s range.

“This brand new design comes from our Orchard Collection – inspired by the gorgeous wildflower blossoms and lemon groves of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Embellished with our delicate signature gold detailing and combined with its delicious contents, we think this tin will make a really wonderful gift.”