The number of cases of Covid-19 in Scotland were announced by the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, at a media briefing on Tuesday.

While Ms Sturgeon said that the uptake of vaccination is “remarkable”, she emphasised that the government wants to achieve as close to 100% as possible and urged everyone who has not had their first or second dose to do so as soon as possible.

Ms Sturgeon also explained that the Chief Medical Officer has written to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) asking that they reexamine their advice on vaccinating all 12-17 year olds. She said that any young person who will be 18 years old before end of October 2021 is now eligible for vaccination.

The First Minister confirmed that The Scottish Government has not yet decided on using vaccine passports to gain entry to a variety of places, such as the Prime Minister confirmed for nightclubs and bars in England. She reminded everyone that nightclubs in Scotland are not yet open again.

Since Monday 19 July all parts of Scotland are now in Level 0. This is not without any restrictions at all, but certainly better than at some stages in the last 15 months or so.

All the details are on The Scottish Government website and are summarised as:

At Level 0:

  • you can meet socially in groups:
    • of up to 8 people from 4 households in your home or theirs – and can stay overnight
    • of up to 10 people from 4 households in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant
    • of up to 15 people from 15 households outdoors
  • under 12s do not count towards the total number of people or households meeting outside but count towards the household numbers indoors
  • you do not need to physically distance from family and friends in a private home
  • you can travel anywhere in Scotland in Levels 0, 1 or 2 but must not enter a Level 3 or 4 area unless for a permitted reason
  • you can travel anywhere in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands – before you travel you must check the travel rules in those countries
  • you can provide informal childcare, for example to look after a grandchild
  • up to 200 people can attend weddings and funerals 
  • tradespeople can carry out any work in your home such as painting, decorating or repairing
  • you should work from home where possible

The next significant date is 9 August when the vast majority of over 40s will have a significant level of protection. At that time it might be possible to move beyond Level 0, but it will depend on the data at the time. But in any case the government will not advise an immediate return to full offices working from 9 August. All of these measures will take time to put back in place.


Deaths involving COVID-19 Week 27: 05 – 11 July 2021

As at 11 July, 10,220 deaths have been registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, according to statistics published by National Records of Scotland (NRS). 

In the week 5 – 11 July 2021, 30 deaths were registered that mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate, an increase of eight deaths from the previous week.

There were five deaths in the City of Edinburgh and four deaths in both Glasgow City and South Lanarkshire. Fourteen other council areas also recorded deaths involving COVID-19 last week.

Over the course of the pandemic, Glasgow City, Renfrewshire, West Dunbartonshire and North Lanarkshire have had the highest COVID-related death rates, with people in large urban areas being 3.7 times as likely to die with COVID as those in remote rural areas, after adjusting for age.

Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said: “Five of the COVID-related deaths last week were aged under 65, four were aged 65-74 and there were twenty one deaths amongst people aged 75 or over. Nine were female and twenty one were male. 

After adjusting for age, COVID-related death rates for males are significantly higher than for females. In the period from March 2020 to June 2021, COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of 176 males per 100,000 population compared to 121 females per 100,000.

There have been 4 deaths where the underlying cause was adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines. There have been no vaccine-related deaths in the latest month. By 30 June 2021 statistics from Public Health Scotland state that 3.82 million people had been given at least one vaccine dose.”

In the last week the total number of deaths from all causes was 6% higher than the average for week 27 in the period 2015-2019. At the height of the pandemic in April 2020, there were around 80% more deaths than average.

93% of COVID-related deaths between March 2020 and June 2021 had at least one pre-existing medical condition, with the most common being dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Figures below with an asterisk are provisional and reflect some difficulty in establishing the correct figure.

DateNewly reported cases of Covid-19Cases in LothianNew testsTest positivity rate (bold denotes days under 3.0% and the highest in recent weeks)Newly reported deathsNumber of deaths according to daily measurementPatients in ICU with confirmed Covid-19Patients in hospital with confirmed Covid-19 (under 500 is in bold)Total number of positive cases since beginning of pandemicNumber of first dose vaccinations administeredNumber of daily vaccinations recorded for previous day with highest daily figure in bold (includes 1st and 2nd doses) Above 30,000 in boldNumber of people who have received their second dose of vaccine
20 July 20211,6049.2%137,81347529 3,984,43318,8232,995,086
19 July 20211,46434615,66010.3%07,80045536330,8513,981,95018,6202,978,746
18 July 2021 1,73538519,4279.8%07,80046511329,3873,976,02217,2742,966,054
17 July 20212,31749029,6348.6%47,80049517327,6523,970,02621,0982,954,776
16 July 20212,04747926,8688.5%57,79648532325,3353,963,50220,0252,940,202
15 July 20212,08637634,7736.6%197,79147543323,2883,956,54920,3292,927,130
14 July 20212,63653435,8498.1%117,77246515321,2023,948,44618,2222,914,904
13 July 20212,52959423,80411.5%47,76141506318,5663,941,57117,4492,903,557
12 July 20212,134*48221,326*11.1%07,75740469316,0373,934,40821,9442,893,271
11 July 20212,04843820,24211.2%0 7,75740444313,9033,928,40924,4802,877,326
10 July 20212,19027,16277,7574243526,128
9 July 20213,21677535,3319.9%67,75039427309,6653,911,18928,3772,843,938
8 July 20212,80259138,3338%47,74438401306,4493,900,86427,6722,825,886
7 July 20213,79986640,84210.0%57,74034387303,6473,890,17628,5492,808,902
6 July 20212,36350225,12310.2%67,73532346299,8483,879,45827,1702,791,071
5 July 20212,37256120,22212.6%07,72930338297,4853,869,22323,6192,774,136
4 July 20212,72664125,64811.4%07,72925316295,1133,857,58425,9962,762,156
3 July 20213,10868334,5679.6%37,72925305292,3873,844,37124,6272,749,373
2 July 20213,82310.8%47,72619285289,2793,831,77030,1412,737,347
1 July 20214,23499942,84310.5%67,72216275285,4563,816,25127,2722,722,725
30 June 20213,88784341,7109.8%37,71619235281,2223,799,46728,6222,712,237
29 June 20213,11877727,87511.6%17,71320215277,3353,781,88725,9282,701,195
28 June 20213,28579527,22612.6%07,71220202274,2173,765,37930,2872,691,775
27 June 20212,63965731,6958.9%17,712171963,747,51029,9392,679,357
26 June 20212,83684933,5698.9%37,71118197268,2933,730,10139,7302,666,827
25 June 20211,74728426,7946.9%27,70816188265,4573,709,8012,647,397
24 June 20212,9997.7%517177
23 June 20212,96983042,3107.3%57,70118170260,7113,682,62031,7462,617,450
22 June 20212,16758125,0389.1%47,69618171257,7423,664,57132,9172,602,753
21 June 20211,2507.2%07,69214158
20 June 20211,20532122,0985.8%07,692254,3253,630,58935,6522,571,637
19 June 20211,2093314.5%27,692253,120
18 June 202195021229,2543.5%27,69012128251,9113,591,63839,6492,535,803
17 June 20211,31726230,9904.6%47,68812140250,9613,571,72642,6952,516,066
16 June 20211,129 35,6383.4%17,68415133248,5153,551,739*2,493,358
15 June 202197420,7615.0%27,68317137248,5153,531,46137,1402,470,181
14 June 202176121015,7815.2%07,68117128247,5413,517,66841,3902,446,834
13 June 20211036*23022,8565.0%07,681246,7803,497,28743,0342,425,825
12 June 20211030*29726,6504.1%27,681245,7443,477,37845,7692,402,700
11 June 20211,104*24128,5634.1%07,67913132244,7143,459,06347,9112,375,246
10 June 202173521728,3792.8%17,67914124243,6103,441,21750,2722,345,181
9 June 20211,01124136,2273.0%17,67814121242,8753,422,43150,0572,313,695
8 June 202169515714,8735.0%07,67712121241,8643,403,86648,4892,282,203
7 June 202164116,1924.2%0121223,386,3212,251,259
6 June 202177521520,6754.0%07,677240,5283,365,77944,8832,227,493
5 June 202186020127,4363.4%17,677239,7533,345,84251,8142,202,547
4 June 202199221326,9623.9%27,6768116238,8933,326,00553,1452,170,570
3 June 202183522731,8412.8%47,6748110237,9013,305,81250,9922,137,618
2 June 202167716026,2582.8%17,67010114237,0663,286,26149,9172,106,177
1 June 202147810716,4893.1%07,66910106236,3893,267,29047,1302,075,231
28 May 202164113225,9392.6%27,668690234,3123,196,05149,9651,971,006
3 May 202113210,1951.5%02,824,9551,326,599
1 April 20214007325,9561.8%87,61021215218,4322,493,32742,984399,062
27 March 202156311925,5192.4%67,58426283216,7052,358,80750,875294,714
25 March 202170115731,9462.4%107,57232310215,5992,285,71150,083263,236
27 February 202152510619,6153.1%187,12974898201,5121,570,15327,22472,178
4 February 20211,14915927,6684.9%536,3221271,812183,418694,34745,0859,031
7 January 20212,64935711.3%781001,467143,715
31 December 20212,62228,29510.1%68701,174
16 December 20206895.9%38491,03118,644
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