Scotland and England players will share their commitment to anti-racism tonight at Wembley by supporting Show Racism the Red Card.

It’s particularly poignant with both sides committing to take the knee pre-match, despite a section of England supporters continuing to boo the gesture in recent matches.

Both sides, along with Wales have all underlined their commitment to equality, anti-racism and anti-discrimination by taking part in the photographs with Show Racism the Red Card.

Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s biggest anti-racism education charity and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. 

Since its inception in 1996, they have delivered anti-racism education workshops to more than 826,000 young people.

Earlier this year Gareth Southgate took part in a special podcast for Show Racism the Red Card in which he gave his feelings on taking the knee.

He said: “In my head it’s been clear that taking the knee isn’t political. If that hasn’t been clear this weekend should have cleared that up. There should be no misrepresentation of what this is and every player is clear that this is about anti-racism.

“ It’s supporting team mates and staff. It’s unifying. People say it’s lost its impact. Every game I go to, I feel it’s hugely powerful. Maybe through a situation we didn’t like (the booing ) and which was  uncomfortable to watch,  maybe this can move forward and we see more crowds clapping and supporting which would be a good thing.”