Anyone who researches the top places to visit in the world or in Europe is bound to come across the United Kingdom at the very least. Consisting of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Whales and of course England; the United Kingdom offers any tourist from near or far a truly spectacular experience. Rich in cultural, heritage, landscapes that stretch for thousands of miles and a diversity suited for anyone’s traveling aspirations.

Whether you are searching for picturesque backdrops to accompany you on your travels or back to back explorations of the rich cultural heritage, architecture, and scenery the United Kingdom has to offer; here is a selection of some of the best places to visit when planning your next trip around the UK or even for your very first travel into the United Kingdom.

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash


It comes as no surprise that London makes the cut on being one of the best places to visit in the UK. A city is so well known throughout the world for its diversity, the magnitude of things to do and experience as well as the true city life feels for those who enjoy a little bit of everything, all wrapped up into one great city. From fashion to culture, from cuisine to entertainment and not to mention all the cultural activities at your fingertips to get to know the history of this land a little better. It would simply not make any sense to exclude London from your travels to the UK whether you stopover for a night or a week, there is so much to do.

If you consider yourself a fan of the British Royal Family, why not make your way to the infamous Buckingham Palace where you can witness the synchronized and majestic changing of the guard and get a feel for the British Royalty. Visit the incredible Big Ben or take a walk over the River Thames and marvel at the London Eye which has been known to be one of the largest and most visited tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for some true London-style shopping, then you best put on your most comfortable shoes and make your way over to Oxford Street, Convent Garden, or Knightsbridge, where you are sure to spend and shop until you drop. Fashion certainly resides in the city of London and no matter whether you are looking for souvenirs, trinkets, clothes, or accessories – you will find all that and so much more in these shopping hubs.

For the cultured, there is a splendor of museums to be visited all around London such as the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as the National History Museum. With so much to do in London, you could just as well plan a trip entirely dedicated to exploring the city but should you just be passing through before your next destination; you won’t be disappointed and you certainly won’t regret it either.


Nestled in Somerset England is a town known for its healing waters and ancient history, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Visit the Roman Baths in the town of Bath and learn about the Romans hot springs and how it contains nearly forty-three different minerals contributing to the healing properties these baths are known for.

Beautifully rich in history and religion, this location certainly marks as a must-see for those who appreciate and seek out such experiences. Learn about Roman Britain society and how this Roman architectural bath and temple came to be and why.


For those who have always appreciated or loved the medieval era, then visiting the nearly two-hundred and fifty-year-old gothic cathedral in Northern Europe is a great place to add to the traveling list. Here you can learn about its origins as well as be immersed in the rich history and worship this historical and beautiful landmark has to offer. If you are eager to really explore all that the York minster has to offer, then an absolute must-do would be to climb up the York minster Tower, made of just about two-hundred and seventy-five steps to the top. Feast your eyes upon the Yorkshire landscapes and take in the backdrops which make York Minster another one of our seven must-see places.


Here we have just the right place to visit for those who are waiting for a good old-fashioned road trip and whether you already have a vehicle ready to hit the road or you looking to hire a road trip companion; then get ready to explore the Capital of Scotland.

Visit the incredible Edinburgh Castle and world-renowned fortress in all her glory, as she takes the stand as one of the most visited tourist attractions in Scotland. Explore the memorable Royal Palace, The Great Hall, and the National Scottish War Memorial, for those who love a little history lesson and experienced combined into their trip. With incredible landmarks to visit, wonderful and quaint accommodation and a good old work-out from all the walking, you will be doing, as you step on through Scotland’s Capital and adding some truly spectacular sites to your trip.

We recommend traveling with a comfortable ride that can take you through all the roads which lead you to and through this beautiful city. It is always advisable to seek out a reliable vehicle hiring company, we recommend using sc vehicles when looking for a road trip.


As we circle our way around, approximately forty-seven miles south of London, we take a look at the very eccentric and urban seaside town of Brighton hosted in the city of Brighton and Hove and situated on the Southern coastlines of England. For ultimate out-of-the-box experiences, sandy beach pleasures, colorful personalities, and a vast amount of fun activities to enjoy with friends or together as a family; Brighton surely brightens up the South in all its eccentric glory.

Enjoy visiting various flea markets, urban restaurants and cafés, museums, and quirky events not to mention visiting the beaches for some summer fun. Brighton hosts one of Britain’s first naturist beaches, so make sure you add that to your bucket list (if you are into that kind of thing).

Of course, we have only skimmed the top when it comes to all the beautiful and must-see places to visit throughout the United Kingdom and we recommend doing as much research as possible before planning a trip. You wouldn’t want to miss out on some spectacular experiences or visits throughout your vacation or road trip, so be sure to make the most of it before, during, and after.