A vaccine drop-in centre for people aged 18-39 will open in Lothian on Tuesday.

The clinic will be open to anyone who needs a first or second dose, although they can only have their second dose if they received their first dose eight weeks before.

Any adult under the age of 40, who has not yet had their first dose – for whatever reason – can attend the clinic without an appointment, while those who are waiting for their second dose can turn up as long as they received their first injection of the vaccine at least eight weeks before.

The clinic is being launched at the Younger Building, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh Park at South Gyle from 29 June 2021.

People will be attended to on a first come, first served basis when the centre opens at 8.30am running through until 5.30pm. https://www.nhslothian.scot/Coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/Drop-in-clinics-under-40.aspx

Pat Wynne, Nurse Director of Primary and Community Care, NHS Lothian, said: “We are really pleased to be able to expand our list of drop-in clinics across Lothian. 

“This means that we are able to target people aged between 18 to 39 who don’t have an appointment or were unable to attend the appointment they received, for whatever reason. 

 “It helps us administer more vaccine to more people to help give them some protection, which is obviously vital to help beat new variants and keep people well.”

The new 18-39 drop-in clinic will run alongside the existing mass vaccination clinics in Lothian and the other drop-in clinics specifically for the over 40s.

The clinic for the younger age group also comes after a group of more local drop-in clinics for the over 40s opened their doors across Edinburgh over the weekend.

More information to help stay up to date with vaccination clinics can be found at https://www.nhslothian.scot/Coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/default.aspx