Every business aims to attract the best talent. While you might have a long list of candidates vying for the role, you will want to secure the right applicant to fill the position to ensure your company’s growth.

However, if you fail to impress an applicant during an interview, they might reject your job offer. Learn how to stand out for the right reasons by reading these five ways to impress job candidates.

  1. Make a Positive First Impression

First impressions count. If your exterior looks cold, messy or unprofessional, a candidate may question whether they would even like to embark on an interview. Make them feel excited to work at the company by taking the time to spruce up your company’s kerb appeal.

You may choose to install clear signage, make your windows sparkle, add beautiful plants or remove unsightly rubbish in a bid to become more attractive. If your walls are in need of a revamp, why not hire skilled brick cleaning technicians to perform a high-quality clean of your premise? ICE Cleaning, for example, use environmentally-friendly methods to create excellent results.

2. Give a Tour

Once the candidate has stepped inside your building, make them feel welcome and valued by providing them with a tour of the workplace. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the office layout, meet potential colleagues and managers, and learn about the company culture. If possible, pop into the business owner’s office to make them appear friendly and engaging.

3. Step Outside of the Workplace

If you are eager to hire a specific candidate, make them feel special by organising an interview in a more relaxed setting. After providing a tour of the office, suggest conducting the meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant. This will prove you value their time, plus the informal setting could help you build a natural rapport and learn more about a candidate.

4. Talk About the Company’s Vision

Help your candidates imagine a future at the business by talking about the company’s vision for growth. You may also decide to discuss the various factors that could shape their decision, such as training opportunities, career paths at the company, and inclusion and diversity. After all, job candidates will want to work at an organisation that offers fantastic job security and values its employees.

5. Listen to the Candidate

With lots of questions to ask your candidate, you may be eager to tick each box to confirm they are the right fit for the company. However, you must venture away from the script during the interview to maintain good engagement.

When the candidate provides an answer, listen carefully and offer a thoughtful response to prove you are listening. If you don’t appear interested in what they have to say, you may fail to build a rapport with a talented professional, and they may reject a job offer – even if you think they are the perfect fit. Remember, they will be thinking about whether you are the perfect fit for them too.