The Scottish FA is involved in the creation of a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is aimed at supporting the inclusion of refugees through football.

Many volunteers in clubs and associations all across Europe have already launched small projects and initiatives to help refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers integrating through football clubs.

Many other would like to, but are unsure how to go about it.

The FIRE (Football Including Refugees in Europe) MOOC aims to understand all the steps involved in setting up a project to include refugees through football. It is free, online and interactive.

A MOOC is an online multimedia course and easily accessible to any interested person who wishes to acquire knowledge and skills in a specific field.

Thanks to expert testimonies, video sections, diverse documents and learning activities you will learn:

How to set up a project;

How to get in touch with refugees;

How to monitor and evaluate your project;

How to mobilise partners in an efficient way.

After validating all the quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

The FIRE MOOC is open to all but particularly to:

Volunteers and members of football clubs in Europe, wishing to set up a project on including refugees in their own club.

Volunteers and members of football club in Europe wishing to share their own experience.

Volunteers and members of football clubs in Europe seeking for information.