An incident of fly-tipping at Glencorse Water has led Scottish Water to appeal to the public for information.

Two vans drove to the Water Treatment Works (WTW) and tipped the material, which looks as though it came from a house renovation, onto the road in broad daylight. The materials include plaster board, insulation and timber and they were strewn across the access roadway, and will take Scottish Water time and expense to clear up. The vehicles involved were open-backed transit van vehicles one white and one yellow.

The fly-tipping may only have taken seconds for those responsible but Scottish Water urge anyone who saw it happening to get in touch with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Scott Fraser, Scottish Water’s Corporate Affair Manager in the east, said: “The rubbish which was just dumped on our road at Glencorse WTW looked like it was material from a house renovation, or work like that.

“It was quite shocking and is totally inexcusable as everyone knows that such material should be disposed of safely at a proper recycling centre.

“We have had incidents like this before and the removal of a smaller quantity of waste at another of our facilities cost more than £1200.

“The materials also restricted the width of the road and could have been an obstruction of Scottish Water vehicles getting to and from the WTW.

“We are really disappointed that some people would just dump material like this on our access road to the water treatment works or on any road. It is highly irresponsible and we would urge people not to do this and to respect the environment, including sites like WTWs, reservoirs and other public amenities.”