Clear span buildings come in various forms, but the most common are temporary storage structures, buildings or tents. The common thing about them all is that they consist of support columns along the perimeter with a sturdy material covering the roof and the sides — leaving an uninterrupted free space or clear span inside. They have no interior or exterior columns, which results in an expansive space being available inside.

Typically, clear span buildings are made of steel pillars, and rafters connected by aluminium or steel purlins, which makes them resemble permanent steel buildings. However, clear span buildings utilize high-quality materials, together with lightweight steel or aluminium alloys for extra sturdiness. The most significant advantage of these structures is that the interior has no obstructions for people, machines, or any other users.

Key benefits of clear span building

Below are some of the most notable advantages of these buildings:

·   They come in various shapes and sizes to meet the users’ needs. As such, they are easily customizable.

·   The buildings are resistant to almost all kinds of outdoor elements, such as wind, rain, sunshine, snow, etc

·   They can have sidewalls so they act as any other indoor space

·   The clear span buildings can have climate or temperature regulation so users can make them as cool or as warm as they may wish.

·   The unobstructed space allows for multiple uses; for example, sports facilities, religious buildings and so on.

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Uses for clear span buildings

When you look around with a keen eye, you will realize clear span buildings are everywhere due to their versatility. Different industries including sports and leisure, entertainment, construction, and even retail find these structures very useful. Below are some of the uses of clear span buildings.

Used in agriculture

Nowadays, agricultural organisations need extensive space for various uses, and these structures meet that need well. The farmers need storage for machines and equipment such as cultivators, reapers, tractors, combines, hay balers and so on. Due to their huge size, these machines require an obstructed space for both storage and servicing which the clear span building provides.

Moreover, farms and other agricultural operation places need storage rooms for various materials such as hay, commercial animal feeds, crops and other items. The structures also form amazing houses for animals such as horses. Those who keep horses can use the clear span buildings as equestrian arenas where horse riders can have their fun riding in covered and indoor areas. The structures are especially useful during extreme weather like snow and hail.

The good news is that farm owners and other agricultural establishments can get the best clear span buildings from Smart-Space, the leading company in the UK in providing temporary building solutions. The company has the best solutions that are tailor-made for different users and even offer favourable lease or purchase arrangements.

Used in sports

Different sports can make use of clear span buildings. During major competitions, so many spectators and participants attend and that available buildings are not enough to hold everyone. Fortunately, temporary shelters offer the space needed to hold both the participants and spectators. They also provide rooms for meetings and even some games. Furthermore, clear span buildings provide space for training, such as in horse riding, and avail space for training, storing equipment and clothes and other uses like hostels, ablutions and changing rooms. Institutions such as colleges and high schools also use these structures to provide space for their sports complexes thanks to their expansive space and affordability. They can have so many sports under one roof.

Offer Storage for different users

Both individuals and organizations can use clear span buildings for storage. Businesses in the construction industry and others can use the buildings to keep their machinery and equipment and provide temporary site storage when they have projects in various locations. The large open space allows the storage of tools and even setting up offices or other organisational or administrative areas. The clear span building protects people and equipment from the elements and keeps out thieves because they can be locked and secured.

Provide commercial operations space

Many businesses in the retail industry use clear span buildings because they offer lots of space for displaying merchandise. You may have seen your local grocery store, the 24-hour convenience store, off licences or other retail businesses trade from these structures due to their unobstructed interior and other factors.


On top of the above, clear span building serve as very convenient structures for holding large crowds of people, like graduations, religious events, political rallies and so on. They allow free movement, good air circulation especially with the sides partially or fully open, and protect the occupants from the elements.