Alexander McCall Smith is the recipient of the prestigious Edinburgh Award for 2020. He has been preparing to receive the award by having his handprints cast in clay.

These will then be gilded and cast in stone in the quadrangle at the City Chambers joining the hands of others such as Sir Tom Farmer and Ken Buchanan who have previously been given the honour.

Leigh Bradley of the Colin Braid Stone Workshop took a cast of the author’s hands in preparation.

The Edinburgh Award has been granted to Mr McCall Smith in recognition of his celebrated and thriving writing career through which he often shares his love of Edinburgh. 

He will receive the Loving Cup from the Rt Hon Lord Provost at a ceremony when restrictions allow and his name will be added to the honour panel inside the City Chambers. 

Lord Provost Frank Ross said: “In many ways, a lasting tribute to Alexander McCall Smith in one of the Capital of Scotland’s Streets is long overdue. A true advocate of Edinburgh through his writing, it seems right to me that those famous hands will be immortalised in stone and given pride of place along our very own Edinburgh Award ‘walk of fame’.”

Alexander McCall Smith said“I am deeply honoured to have been given this award by the city that means so much to me. Beyond that, all that I can say is thank you.”