Jack Ross and ‘Sir’ David Gray surprised East Lothian pupils, joining a virtual education event alongside Show Racism the Red Card last week.

The Hibs’ Head Coach led discussion with over 100 young people from Ross High School, sharing his experiences of supporting players who have faced abuse, and reiterating the need to diminish space for casual racist language.

His longstanding support for the charity was evident in his reflection on a gradual change in societal attitudes and his powerful words on the rising online abuse of players.

Club captain David Gray offered his own experiences of learning from a diverse and multicultural dressing room, comparing this to the classroom and highlighting the importance of education in challenging racism.

In his ambassadorial role for Show Racism the Red Card’s Fortnight of Action, Gray said, “Racism isn’t something that just affects our game or our country, it’s in every day life across the world and we need to act to tackle this together and educate those around us and that’s why this weekend, and always, we are supporting our partners, Show Racism The Red Card. Let’s do this together.”

Defender and SRtRC sessional coach Charlotte Potts spoke passionately about protecting yourself on social media and how to monitor your mental health.

Their inspiring and thought-provoking contributions really brought to life the topics discussed with the young people in the classroom during the two-day educational event.

Head Teacher, Paul Reynolds, said that the event had “hit the target”. He said: “A huge thanks to Chris and the education team who facilitated the event exceptionally well. The team had great awareness and delivered a quality product, engaging positively with all contributions to skilfully promote excellent responses from our young people.

“Your guest panel gave a brilliant insight and context that has educated and empowered our staff and young people to move forward as well as a frame of reference to validate our work.”

One S2 pupil from Ross High School added, “It was really interesting to hear how all these famous sporting people had challenged discrimination and how it made them want to stop it. We all need to do the same”.