This Christmas Camera Obscura & World of Illusions welcomed Santa on a flying visit before the big day on Friday.

With so much to do, Santa was delighted to be able to have multiples of himself available in the attractions Giant Kaleidosphere exhibit. Known for having eight reindeer, now he can outmatch them in number! He also took the opportunity to practice his moves ahead of the long journey to deliver presents to all the girls and boys.

Visitors to the attraction can marvel at the Giant Kaleidosphere which is the first interactive experience in the entrance area.

The Giant Kaleidosphere is one of over 100 interactive exhibits visitors can get involved with at the attraction, which remains open every day until Christmas Eve on Thursday at 7.00pm. 

General Manager Andrew Johnson said “The team love Christmas, and this year we were all in the need of a bit of extra seasonal festive fun, so Santa stopped by to say hello ahead of Christmas Day, and what fun we all had!”