If you’ve heard about EuroJackpot and want to learn how to play it yourself, this is just a guide for you. We’ve carefully laid out the steps on how you can play the EuroJackpot lottery online.

Besides that, we’ve also taken the liberty to put out some other useful pieces of information about this renowned lottery so that you are more insightful and probably boost your chances of winning it. 

Not only is the EuroJackpot lottery extremely popular in Europe, but every player from around the world has just as much equal right to play and win exciting prizes.

To learn how to play the EuroJackpot, here’s what you need to know:

How to Play the EuroJackpot Lottery Online

The odds of winning the EuroJackpot prize money are just as good as some of the other renowned lotteries on the planet, and sometimes even better than others. For instance, the odds of players winning a lower division prize are 1 in 42. On the other hand, the odds of winning the lottery’s first division prize are 1 in 95 million (is considerably better than EuroMillions’ chances of 1 in 139 million.

The jackpot amounts at EuroJackpot start out from €10 million and can scale up to €90 million.

To play the lottery game, the player has to choose five numbers between 1-50, +2 extra numbers between 1-10. The inclusion of these two additional numbers gives players better chances of winning extra prizes.

12 Ways of Winning

There are 12 separate categories in the EuroJackpot lottery that allows players to win. In order for players to win the first division prize, they have to first match the 5 primary numbers and 2 additional numbers drawn – though it is possible to win a prize by choosing as little as 3 correct numbers. Players can improve their odds of winning by studying how the number patterns in EuroJackpot work.

DivisionMain NumbersEuro NumberOdds of Winning
1521 of 95,344,200
2511 of 5,959,013
3501 of 3,445,150
4421 of 423,752
5411 of 26,485
6401 of 15,134
7321 of 9631
8311 of 602
9221 of 672
10301 of 344
11121 of 128
12211 of 42

Like EuroMillions, prizes at EuroJackpot are pari-mutuel. This indicates that lower-level prize amounts vary depending on a particular jackpot amount. The larger the jackpot amount, the larger, the lower division prizes get.

Why Is EuroJackpot so Special?

Image Source: Pixabay.

As we said earlier, EuroJackpot isn’t as popular in Europe but other places worldwide. It was made in 2012, so it’s relatively new compared to today’s other lottery games. This lottery game comprises conventional paper lottery tickets that can currently be bought in over 18 European countries.

Severe living anywhere in Norway, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Zeke Republic, Slovenia, Italy or Sweden – you can purchase the paper lottery ticket by visiting special points of sale, retail stores or gas stations.

And since it’s available basically worldwide, you never know where a winner could emerge from.

How to Win the EuroJackpot?

Since EuroJackpot is a lottery – a game based on chance – there is no shortcut way of getting yourself the lottery jackpot when you want to. However, there are several ways in which you can boost your chances of winning, some of which include:

  1. Play Regularly

One of the most logical ways of enhancing your chances of winning the EuroJackpot lottery is to play regularly. Of course, this means that you have to spend more money to buy lottery tickets for the game. And if you don’t strike rich soon, you will be putting yourself in a relatively adverse financial situation.

  1. Fill out Numerous Betting Fields

By filling out a plethora of betting fields, you can increase your chances of winning the EuroJackpot lottery. So it’s best to play more than 5+2 numbers to give yourself that edge. If you want, you can choose the numbers with a random number generator, which shouldn’t be a problem with an online betting form.

  1. Use Your Lucky Numbers

If you have some lucky numbers on your side but haven’t had any luck with them yet, don’t discard them just yet. For all you know, those numbers of yours can still play a part in getting you the money you’ve set your sights on. If not that, then go with what the game’s statistics have to say, which could be that the previous draw’s winning numbers will occur again in the next one. But while this may be possible, it’s not always the case according to the probability calculation. That’s why you must hold onto your lucky numbers.

  1. Try “Covering” As Many Winning Number Pools As Possible

Another great way of increasing your winning odds is to pick at least one number between 1 to 50 from the coupon you get. At the very least, you should have very great chances of winning the lower division prizes. However, it might not be possible to choose every possible number combination as it basically depends on the budget.

  1. Avoid Following Patterns

Let’s be real here: lottery tickets aren’t works of art. And if you think you can paint a pattern from the previous EuroJackpot winning numbers, then you are sadly mistaken if you think the folks running this lottery game aren’t aware of such an obvious giveaway.

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