Aldi’s hand selected Nordman Fir Christmas trees, known for their big, bushy branches and fresh pine aroma, will return to stores across the UK later this week, with prices starting at only £14.99 for a medium tree (5-6ft) and £24.99 for a large tree (6-7ft). 

Grown and nurtured in the heart of Aberdeenshire for up to 10 years, each Aldi Christmas tree is hand selected to ensure the finest quality, and for every tree that is cut down, four more are planted in its place. 

The Nordman Fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees in the UK, favoured for its symmetrical shape and dark green needles that are soft yet strong enough to hold all your favourite decorations.   

This is the sixth year that Aldi has partnered with Lovania Nurseries, who will be supplying approximately 54,000 Nordman Firs in the lead up to the festive period.  

Lee Chambers, Head of Sales at Lovania Nurseries, said: “With its lush, dark green needles and perfect pyramid shape, the Nordman Fir is one of the most popular Christmas tree varieties. They have a wide base, which is excellent for accommodating lots of presents, and their large, soft needles make them both pet and child friendly.  

“My top tip is that when you first take your Nordman Fir home, cut a few inches off the base of the trunk and place it in a bucket of water over night. Choose a cool spot with plenty of space, preferably away from radiators as this can dry the needles prematurely. Make sure your tree’s stand is kept topped up with fresh water and it will stay looking fresh and healthy throughout the festive season.” 

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland, said: “Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Lovania Nurseries, Aldi customers will soon be able to pick up a real Nordman Fir Christmas tree at everyday low prices. Each tree is hand picked by the experts at Lovania before being carefully wrapped and delivered to store, so that our customers can be sure they are buying a tree of the highest quality, with that nostalgic fresh pine scent that is so firmly associated with the festive season.” 

Aldi’s medium and large Nordman Fir Christmas trees go on sale in stores across the UK this Thursday 26 November. You can find your nearest store here.