Hibs have announced the launch of the new HIBS PICKS app, in partnership with Low6, giving fans access to a free to enter game with a £1000 cash prize for matches this season.

The HIBS PICKS app allows supporters to compete on a peer-vs-peer level to predict the outcome of events during the match: Number of goals, assists, shots on goal, corners and more. Fans simply answer a handful of questions about the match for a chance to win a share of a cash prize-pool every match this season.

The new app displays a live leaderboard during the game, with the top points scorers scooping a cash prize.

Low6 Co-Founder and COO, Jamie Mitchell added: HIBS PICKS will give fans the chance to pick the outcomes for every HIBS match, such as most corners, shots on target, first goal scorers and more. Fans will be pitting their wits not against the bookie but rather other fans, with the objective to top the live leaderboard and win cash prizes. The technology is evolving all of the time and so fans can expect new features and promotions in the future too.”

HIBS PICKS is available to fans as a result of a new club partnership with the sports technology company, Low6 who have developed the Hibs Picks for Hibernian FC

Low6 Co-Founder and CEO, Wayne Stevenson said: “Low6 are thrilled to be working with Hibernian FC. This is another exciting partnership for us as we continue to give more sports fans access to our fun games with cash prize-pools.”

Josh Turk, Chief Marketing Officer of Low6, said: “Low6 is seeing exponential growth with clubs and sports franchises globally, due to the fan-friendly nature of ‘pickem’ games. No odds to worry about, just make your picks based on your knowledge and off you go. Small stakes, high returns”

Hibs Commercial Manager Murray Milligen added: “We are excited for the launch of HibsPicks and our partnership with the team at Low6. The partnership will provide a revenue source for the club and with the game free to play until the end of the season and a £1000 minimum prize pot from each game, it really is win-win!”

“The fan engagement side of Hibs Picks is another positive as supporters have the power to pick outcomes for every Hibs match, such as goal scorers, number of corners, throw-ins and more”

The Hibs PICKS app is available in the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Just search for ‘Hibs Picks’ on your app store. Supporters can play for FREE ahead of Saturday’s game vs Ross County.