The name of the ‘opening event’ of the 2020 Edinburgh International Festival comes from Primal Scream lyrics to their hit song, Movin’ on Up.

This is an opener with a great deal of thought behind it. There is no central point for everyone to gather and watch, for example. So everyone in Edinburgh might have a chance of seeing it from where they are, and everyone will have a unique view.

Designed by Scottish lighting designers, Kate Bonney and Simon Hayes, there are hundreds of beams of light from many of the venues which would have featured in the festival. On Saturday night some of the empty theatres will also be lit from within, to remind everyone of the people and artists who play key roles in our summer entertainment.

Remember that on Saturday evening at 9.30 there will be an hour long programme with pre-recorded performances. Then at 10.30pm the light show will play into the night sky.

My Light Shines On Edinburgh International Festival Photo: Martin P. McAdam

A far cry from the opening event in 2019 when the LA Philharmonic played at Tynecastle – and that was a beautiful night.

Los Angeles Philharmonic at Tynecastle in 2019. Photo: Martin P. McAdam