I came across someone the other day who claimed that no matter now hard they try, they simply cannot cook. I think it would be more accurate to say that they either didn’t enjoy or are too lazy to cook.

Despite what many chefs might have you believe, cooking is pretty easy. Okay, making an emulsified sauce is a bit tricky and takes patience to learn but a basic sugo, béchamel or gravy isn’t particularly skilful or taxing.

A lot of people simply can’t be  bothered and good for them because our apathetic chums are keeping the takeaway business afloat. 

My parents and I really fancied a socially distanced curry and although we can knock up a decent version, nothing quite beats the real thing for me. The spices simply taste fresher, and butter, or to clarify, ghee is used in an abundance I’d fail to deliver without feeling the blood drain from my left arm. 

We opted to try Shezan on Union Place, which is usually where I might drop in for a curry after going to the cinema or Playhouse Theatre across the road. I can only give a sigh these days and wonder when an area so vibrant and bustling is going to be fully revived again.

I wouldn’t say my family are particularly big eaters but with Indian food you do want a bit of variety, so after the usual poppadums and really nice pickles we opted for a Special Karahi Chicken Bhoona which was rich and pleasantly spicy with a lovely aroma of fresh ginger. My mother always chooses a Korma but slightly upped the anti by going for a Shahi Korma, which isn’t unlike the usual but with the addition of mixed roasted nuts which definitely made it a much more interesting dish.

The owner Shahid recommended I try the Old School Lamb Curry which ended up being right up my street. Pretty spicy without a searing heat, slow cooked and super rich.

We also treated ourselves to a small mixed grill and the usual rice and sweet pashwari naan. The food was all absolutely superb and one thing that stood out for me was the quality of the meat, not only in the flavour but the fact it was cooked to perfection.

I’d highly suggest you try for yourself and hopefully it will soon be a curry that’s part of a big night out and not only a quiet one in. Shezanedinburgh.com 

I remember a bank manager once telling me that during a financial crisis is when fortunes can be made. I’m not sure about mega riches just yet but Hannah Gould, on forced sabbatical from a job in organising festivals, has embraced the stove and founded, what’s already proving to be a hit, The Stockbridge Mac and Cheese Company.

Trays of Mac and Cheese come au naturel or with the fancier additions of wild garlic pesto, caramelised onions and even jalapenos and chilli cheese. Specials and sides are available with gluten free and vegan options. Facebook.com/thestockbridgemacandcheeseco