Letting Go by Kent Hung

Andrew is a troubled person. When we first meet him he is approaching fifty (although with a good head of hair and being fit, we  are told he could pass for a man in his early forties or even late thirties!)  He is in bed after a somewhat riotous party for a friend, Justin, but is disturbed by being woken by Justin’s entry into his room in the early hours – and perhaps more perturbed by the fact that Justin, after a somewhat formal greeting, leans forward and hugs him, before leaving him. 

We then learn that the two met eleven years previously at a wake for Andrew’s son, Nathan, and soon Andrew is on a trip down memory lane, linking together an eclectic collection of characters, all connected in some way with Nathan. 

There are plenty of shocks along the way, which makes it rather difficult to understand Andrew’s character – is he alone because he chooses to be, or is he confused about his sexuality?

When the end comes, Andrew realises that he has to be the one to make his own decisions and embrace change – which finally leads him into the acceptance of Letting Go.

An interesting, and at times thought-provoking story.

Published by Vanguard Press

Paperback  £8.99

ISBN 978 – 1 – 78465 – 64 – 09