Edinburgh fashion label, Totty Rocks, have introduced a new look for the post Covid-19 days.

The government now recommends that we all wear masks in certain circumstances, although it is not mandatory.

But for some, it is important to look good at the same time. So Holly and Lynsey are using their lockdown time to carefully hand make some designer masks. Principally they are for existing customers so that they have something which coordinates with their outfits, but there will be some to buy soon on their website.

Holly of Totty Rocks (TR) said: “We understand that it is a difficult time to persuade anyone to go and buy designer clothes. We just thought we would add a little gift on to anything that’s ordered online or remotely, by making somebody a matching face mask.

“As a company we don’t like waste in any shape or form. We often make small stitched accessories with any of the scraps of tartans or prints. We’re not zero waste but we try and reduce as much waste as possible by being creative with the smaller pieces of fabric.

“I made myself and my husband some face masks out of some tartan cotton that we had left over, and they looked really fab. We are really into clothes, so we don’t really want to wear white medical masks! It’s a bit of vanity really.”

The masks are all lined with cotton so they can be washed and reused. But these are fashion items, and are not being sold as frontline wear.

Holly continued: “They are mainly double layered so the outer layer is the fabric of the garment that it is to accompany. The inner layer is a breathable 100% cotton. They also have a nose wire so you can make it fit quite well, and are both comfortable and breathable while looking nice.

“As with our clothes, everything is tailor-made for every customer, so if the customer wants it to tie round the back of the head we can make that happen very easily. It can be adapted for everyone.”

These masks are available as a free gift for anyone who buys a Totty Rocks outfit, and are also available for sale on their website with some of the profits going to charity.

“I have had so many requests from people wanting them, so we will be making a special section on the website for the masks.”

Here you can see Holly modelling the mask which she has made to match her check and leather military trench coat. She has made quite a few in coordinating fabrics already, as you can see below

TR have not yet made a mask for their most high-profile client, unless she asks of course. The First Minister gets many of her outfits from the Tollcross-based designers, but they say they will wait to be asked.

The pattern will also be available should anyone want to make their own at home.

Holly is sure that people will want to wear them in future. She said: “I think moving forward people will be going to events again, and will perhaps think they need protection of some kind. Also if they have a cold starting, then it is probably going to be polite to wear something to protect others. People in the Far East have done that for a while anyway.

“But we think if you can wear a fab Totty Rocks dress to a wedding and have a matching mask then it will only add to your outfit, rather than wearing a white medical mask.

“Our approach is that they are there to protect others if you have a cold or something. They are not medical grade, but they are a form of protection.

“We handmake everything in the shop to order, but at the moment we are working from home. We’re not taking too many new orders as I have a particular way of measuring, so orders are all on hold. Most people order from us to go to events like weddings or to wear for business, and of course much of that is not happening right now.”

But Totty Rocks are keeping busy working on new projects, while we are all waiting for lockdown to end.