Ferntickle Tales will entertain your young people during the lockdown and beyond.

The Tales are fun, simple books designed to help children learn to read.

These charming tales have been written by Edinburgh mum-of-three and circus artist, Suzy Enoch, and they include beautiful drawings by a variety of talented illustrators from across the world. The stories are set in lockdown so will help you explain the issues with that to your young people too.

Suzy Enoch, author of the Ferntickle Tales series said: “These are fun, friendly tales designed to amuse whilst helping children learn to read with their parents or carers. I have created these stories within the lockdown setting to reassure young children dealing with the “new normal”.

“I began writing these tales for my own children when we ran out of reading resources and soon decided I should make them freely available online, for anyone else that might need them.  I put a couple of posts online looking to collaborate with an illustrator and was overwhelmed by the response. Many of the illustrators are parents themselves and have wonderful insights and details they can add to the characters.”

“The tales are funny and heartwarming and each story explores a new phonetic sound. Ferntickle Tales is a celebration of how we can keep finding joy and magic in our daily lives during a very challenging time. One book features a little boy practising washing his hands (Splish, splash, splosh, slosh), and another shows a little girl proudly helping to bake a cake (Yum, yum, yum!).

We spoke to Suzy and recorded a podcast with her when she read an excerpt of one of the stories for us. You will learn a bit more about the author and her exciting day job during the podcast here:

Francesca Grech, illustrator and Ferntickle Tales collaborator said: “I was immediately captured by Suzy’s concept. The stories reflect the sudden change in family’s daily lives, through a whimsical and creative point-of-view. They truly bring out the small yet priceless moments within families and really manage to capture the positive aspects of quarantined life.” 

Today, three tales are available for download, with more to follow in the coming weeks www.ferntickletales.com