Keith Logan was looking for ideas to keep his and his wife Lorna’s young children occupied during the time we are all being told to #StayAtHome.

The children are aged just 1 and 3, so homework is out of the question at least for the moment, and it is a pretty constant job to keep everyone happy. But, from his days of working as a management consultant, he came up with an innovative use of Post-it notes to create some window art.

Keith explained:”I used to work in Australia and we did this thing which was a sort of ‘Office Wars’. We would put post-it notes on a wall and the people in the office across from us in a different skyscraper would do something similar, with constant attempts at one-upmanship. It’s not something I’ve done in my house before, but now we have a bit more free time and need to find things for the children to do. I think this is probably an extension of what I have done for a living.

“Particularly our 3 year-old likes to stick things on the walls, so he is very much involved too.”

Super Mario takes over the New Town Photo: Martin P. McAdam

Keith’s job as a management consultant includes running innovation workshops, all about ideas and creativity for a corporate environment.

The Hulk from these last few days has now changed into Super Mario after a couple of hours work earlier this morning.

The Hulk – which has now gone….. Photo: Martin P. McAdam

Keith plans to change the design twice a week and is just happy that people have started to notice it when passing on their daily walk or cycle, giving them something to look out for. Wife Lorna meantime, is happy enough to let him get on with it.

And Keith says that he has templates for these and other designs which he would be happy to share. Get in touch with us and we will pass any requests on.

Keith and Lorna Logan with their children – ‘The Post it note family’ Photo: Martin P. McAdam