Bright Light, a charity which provides relationship counselling across Edinburgh and the Lothians, has been awarded over £22,000 from the Scotch Whisky Action Fund (SWAF) to support its Families in Recovery project.

The charity identified a need to offer specialist family counselling sessions for children and young people adjusting to life with a parent or guardian recovering from alcohol addiction.

In order to get this initiative off the ground, the 73-year-old charity applied for funding.

Julie Hogg-Weld, the chief executive of Bright Light said: “People have a better chance of staying in recovery if they have a strong network around them.”

She added: “The Covid-19 lockdown has brought families’ issues to the fore and so it is more important than ever that we are able to provide support to those that need it.

“We have been providing our sessions via video conferencing and over the phone and will continue to do so throughout this period.

“Without the funding from the SWAF we would not have been able to pilot this project.”

Dame Joan Stringer, chair of the decision-making panel for on-going funding, said: “This project has achieved very positive results since first being awarded the funding, making a measurable difference to the communities and the groups it works with.

“Continuation funding is vital to ensure that their impact is on-going amid unprecedented circumstances.”

The SWAF is now open for funding applications in 2020-21 and the deadline is July 2. To apply, please visit theFoundation Scotland website.