An Edinburgh-based compressor manufacturer is offering free, short-term loans of compressors to struggling Scottish businesses.

Vert Technologies employs 15 people and Conical Rotary (CR) technology has won multiple awards since the first working prototype was produced in 2014.

It led to the company securing a Government grant in 2019 from the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Dr Phil Harris, chief executive, said: “For manufacturing companies that have a reduced staff presence but need air for one or two production machines – we have a small stock of compressors we can offer for short term use free of charge so that pressuring a whole factory airline is not required. Every penny helps when cashflow is under pressure.

“We can also offer a short-term free loan of our quiet, portable compressors for anyone who cannot get into their place of work but are able to continue producing their goods at home with a source of compressed air.

“Our stock of compressors might be able to assist, for example, small bottling plants, gin distillers or any other companies which switch to making hand gel for vulnerable groups or are helping the effort in other ways.

“As a relatively small business we don’t have huge resources to pull on, so unfortunately can only offer these to Scottish companies for now. And it will be first come first served, but please get in touch if any of these ideas could work for your business and we will give you a ring back asap.”

The firm has available its quiet A100 compressor, which powered by its patented Conical Rotary (CR) technology, a design that has been hailed as one of the biggest advances in the compressed air industry of the last 40 years.

The Vert A100 compressor offers 100lpm flow and 10 bar pressure. The impressively quiet, compact unit fits neatly under a worktop or bench, so can be sited close to the point of use, whilst the low levels of vibration ensure minimal impact on surrounding equipment and people.

The compressor’s unique combination of benefits also includes a 100% duty cycle for maximum productivity, meaning that it can run continuously.

Connecting to a standard 240V power source with quick coupling of the compressed air connection, it does not require the expensive installation of other rival compressors.