Goldilocks and the Three Bears begins with what else but a topical Prince Andrew gag, shoulders are heaving and we’re off for two hours of panto re-mixed with circus variety.

After a period of illness, Andy Gray makes a welcome return as the Ringmaster and a broadway musical flavoured homage to the City Lights and River City star hits a perfect note.

Gray, Allan Stewart, treading the boards as the Dame in the form of his alter ego Aunty Mae and Grant Stott as the villain make the best of their tremendous chemistry and look as if they are having as much fun as the audience.

We never quite know what is scripted and how much they’ve gone off-piste but that is part of the stage magic. Jordan Young (River City) as Joey the Clown and Gillian Parkhouse as Goldilocks, fresh from a role in Judy as a fine feather dancer, play excellent supporting roles, the former’s tightrope act is a sight to behold.

The Berserk Riders draw genuine gasps and wows while The Great Juggling Alfio is an entertaining diversion as are the three bears who crossed the bridge from Fife.

On a dreich Edinburgh night, the circus came to town and the brought the place alive. 

PHOTO Douglas Robertson