This morning at a breakfast meeting on the top floor of the National Museum of Scotland, the various curators share the news of their upcoming exhibitions for next year with the press.

It is always fascinating to listen to the real experts, and next year the museum has some very interesting exhibitions for you to mark in your diary.

Dr Gordon Rintoul Director NMS said : “NMS’s collection is almost unique in its breadth and variety. Our innovative programme of exhibitions and events for the year ahead celebrates the diversity of our collection and curatorial expertise. In 2020 visitors will have the chance to explore the world of cutting edge high fashion discover fascinating insights into British military history and get up close to the most feared and revered dinosaur of them all.”

In 2020 the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath will be marked by a very rare exhibition of the letter in the Museum. It is kept by the National Records of Scotland and seldom exposed to daylight any more so this is an important part of Scottish history which you may not get the chance to see again.

Next year the Museum is to build on its fashion collection by staging a major exhibition all about the iconic Little Black Dress. The fashion staple was first designed by Coco Chanel and likened to the Ford motor car, such was its appeal. Now the 60 dresses on display will show it off in all its many ways. 26 June 2020 to 25 October 2020.

The year begins with today’s dinosaurs. Dr Nick Fraser told us that the birds of today are actually dinosaurs with feathers. The T Rex that we know so well has many forms big and small from Scotty to Jane. He pointed out that we need to keep learning from the past and in particular that evolution requires mass extinction. Tyrannosaurs is on from 23 January to 4 May 2020.

The Galloway Hoard was discovered during the time that Dr Martin Goldberg has been at the Museum of Scotland. He is very excited that the work of the last two years will be on display, showing where the conservation process has reached. This hard work was most evident in a photo of one Viking pectoral cross in its found state (you would hardly have given it house room!) to a photo of its silver brilliance after conservation. The Galloway Hoard 29 May to 18 October 2020.

At the National War Museum the Legacies of Empire will show off the prizes or trophies of war, some freely given and some captured. Baggage and Belonging :Military Collections and the British Empire 1750 -1900 highlights campaigns in Africa and India. 3 April 2020 to April 2021.

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