The Bookmarket pop up by Fruitmarket Gallery has opened at Waverley Mall. They have closed their gallery on Market Street for a full refurbishment programme. The gallery will reopen in 2020.

This pop up is on Princes Street just above Waverley Station. You access it through Williams and Johnson Coffee Co. at the top of Waverley Steps.

The Mall welcomes the opening of the new independent bookshop which offers expertly selected niche titles, hard-to-find arts resource texts, artist’s books, and specialist books on typography, art theory, design, architecture and fashion, as well as a great selection of design-led products and cards from all around the world.  Bookmarket by Fruitmarket Gallery will be open daily from 10am-6pm.

Fiona Bradley, Director of The Fruitmarket Gallery said: “We jumped at the opportunity to work with our neighbours Waverley Mall, embracing the chance to meet new audiences in this busy part of Edinburgh. It is great to be able to keep our much-loved independent bookshop open, and to have a space for our Engagement team to run events and workshops during our closure.”

Waverley Mall and Fruitmarket are very much looking forward to working together on this exciting opportunity.  During this partnership, the mall will also provide an office space for the staff team at Fruitmarket during this year of transition and there will be workshops, talks and performances plus some pop-up exhibitions. 

The brand new pop up from Fruitmarket at Waverley mall is one of the many latest and inspiring developments towards the overall vision to revitalise the existing space.

General Manager for Waverley Mall, Jacquelyn Stewart comments: “Really happy to have the Fruitmarket join us here at Waverley. We look forward to building on this collaboration that will involve a series of events over the next few months.”

Daryll Bunce, Director of New Revenue Solutions, Moorgarth Group Ltd. says: “The addition of this Edinburgh institution, The Fruitmarket Gallery to Waverley Mall is fantastic news for us as they provide a very current and relevant offering to our customers which ties in perfectly with the overall vision we are striving for. This journey started 12 months ago with the opening of Williams & Johnson – Leith’s best coffee roaster in an amazing new store on the upper level of Waverley. This has become a real destination for great coffeein the city centre and following the success of this, we have established a brand new space for the Fruitmarket Gallery which continues to expand our offering and adds a whole new dimension to the mall.”