GRACE Campbell does confess that on a number of occasions she has used the words: “Do you know who my Dad is?” For the record, it is Alastair Campbell. And he is one of the reasons why Grace Campbell is not going into politics.

However, it looks like she is. Perhaps she means being an MP and she gives a number of reasons why that isn’t going to happen.

Over the hour, we learn that she was some rebellious teenager but what we now see at 25 is an articulate, witty and very funny performer.

This performance is littered with killer anecdotes including the Blairs, the Putins and Grammy award winner, and school friend Dua Lipa.

It is a well structured hour that takes us through a vital period of political history. In many ways it has and will define Grace Campbell. Politics may well be her Hotel California.

Grace could well have the same impact in comedy and politics as Lily Allen had to music. A fresh spiky artist ready to hold up a mirror to convention.

Perhaps the most important part of her comedy is self-deprecation. We defy anybody not to laugh at the Mick Hucknall reference.

This reviewer will go away remembering her kind words about her mother, Fiona Millar but it is aligned to an important political point about the role of women. Grace also makes a very pertinent point regarding Boris Johnson and not just the Miley Cyrus anecdote.

Grace Campbell is a breath of fresh air. She is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Good. We think she will be part of our political landscape for years to come.