Lucy Farrett: Lois: Underbelly Cowgate: 1700 hrs

WHEN this reviewer saw Lucy Farrett last year, she was part of a cast. This year, she still is, it is just that Lucy is playing all the characters.

Lucy’s main character is Lois, an action hero we follow on a case but also a journey of self-discovery, which is a pretty po-faced line for a really funny hour of comedy.

If you see Lucy for the first or indeed second time, it is hard to avoid praise such as “tour de force” and “kooky comedian” but there is so much more in this piece of work.

It is an hour of great comedy that keeps the woman running with a very funny story but let us not forget that this takes a lot of discipline and hard work to pull off. There are so many sight gags, visual puns, interactions with the audience that only a performer totally on top of their game could pull off.

This show had so many props: it must have taken ages to collect blenders, wigs, toy guns, a plastic crow, pictures of catfish, eye patches to name just a few.

But underneath it all was a genuine message about personality and in a show with one person playing a multitude of personalities, being yourself.

This was one hour of great entertainment that the audience at the Underbelly Cowgate really loved. Chatting to audience members, Lucy is developing a fan base, with many loving her comedy but also believing that Lucy is a genuine multi-skilled talent whose career could develop in so many different directions.