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Robin Morgan is a father to his son and a son to his father. But what makes a good male role model? Robin thinks it’s his Dad, Kevin. Yes, it’s a ‘dead Dad’ show, except Kev’s not dead. Phew.

It’s a love letter to him, a man who has never seen Robin do stand-up, a man he’s never been able

to say ‘I love you’ to, and the whole show is essentially emotional blackmail to get Kev to come along.

What A Man… is about being a ‘young woke dad’ (not Robin’s words, the words of a drunken audience member in 2018), calling out the double standards that sets the bar so low to be a ‘good dad’, about the societal gender roles forced on our children from conception, how male friendship can be improved by occasionally kissing your best friend, and how men need to do better.

Robin Morgan is a Welsh stand-up and writer based in London. He appeared on BBC One’s Stand Up at BBC Wales, and is the writer for BBC Two’s The Mash Report and BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz and The Now Show.

Robin wrote and starred in the BBC Radio Wales sitcom Relocation, as well as Home, a second sitcom pilot for the station.

He has supported Ellie Taylor, Iain Stirling and Stephen Bailey on their UK tours, and is the television warm-up artist for The Graham Norton Show.