Discover New Comedy Talent at EdFringe at a Unique New Screening Series

On a limited run of three dates this August you can discover new comedy talent in a quickfire showcase of the best undiscovered comedy sketches and series.

Punkanary Comedy Cinema is a showcase of the very best content from the Punkanary platform, the new online home for talented comedy creators to be discovered by fans and industry. Punkanary Comedy Cinema gives viewers a chance to meet the team behind Punkanary, see a selection of exciting new shows on the big screen, and vote for their favourite to determine who wins the title of best undiscovered comedy.

Punkanary is created by the team behind The Comedy Crowd, a global community of over 7000 comedy writers, performers, and filmmakers. Their mission is to discover diverse new comedy talents and showcase their creativity.

The Punkanary platform is growing fast, with over 2000 members and 200 shows in just the first few months. Live Punkanary Comedy Cinema screenings have proved a hit, including the July sell out show at the BFI Southbank in London as part of LOCO Film Festival. The Edinburgh Fringe show will offer the perfect opportunity to showcase only the best content to a new audience of fans.

Venue: Banshee Labyrinth Cinema Room

Tickets: Free

Duration: 1 Hour

Dates (Start Times): 12 Aug 2019 (15:55), 13 Aug 2019 (18:25), 14 Aug 2019 (17:10)