The company behind the city’s fibre rollout not only teaches people about the digital age, but it also enables cultural inclusion by backing free tickets to Fringe events.

People of all ages from across the Capital have learned the essentials of the modern digital world and how to stay safe online – thanks to CityFibre’s partnership with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society.

CityFibre – which is investing more than £100m to bring full fibre digital connectivity to Edinburgh as part of its strategic partnership with Vodafone – has lent its backing to the ‘Fringe Days Out’ scheme. 

More than 30 community groups and charities from across Edinburgh benefit from the scheme, which provides Fringe vouchers and Lothian Bus tickets to participants, giving them an authentic festival experience.

LGBT Youth and Citadel Youth are two groups involved with the scheme and CityFibre is providing them with financial support to attend Fringe events, the means to travel and access to workshops to promote digital skills and confidence.

The workshops, delivered as part of the ‘Get Online’ initiative from the City of Edinburgh Council’s libraries team, provides participants with the means to stay safe online and build the skills they need for the future. 

Citadel Youth workshop participants were taught how to use and navigate online and mobile apps, including that for the Fringe so they can find events to attend and book tickets. Those at LGBT Youth focused on learning tips to stay safe online, digital security and their digital data trail or “footprint”.

Elaine Doherty, CityFibre’s City Manager for Edinburgh, said: “Our world is becoming an increasingly digital one, both at work and at home. Full fibre connectivity is the digital foundation for today and tomorrow and it’s critical that everyone can benefit from it.

“Full fibre will be a hugely positive force in all areas of day-to-day life, including education and employment. We are proud to partner with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society and The City of Edinburgh Council to provide these workshops to ensure that those of all ages have the skills they need to succeed.”

Kenny Sharkey (CEC libraries) and Elaine Doherty (CityFibre) PHOTO Ian Georgeson

Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: “We are delighted to be working with CityFibre in supporting our Fringe Days Out scheme, which enables community groups across Edinburgh to experience the wonders of the Fringe.

“The digital workshops with Citadel Youth and LGBT Youth are a welcome addition to the work we are doing in ensuring that people from all backgrounds have access to everything the festival has to offer.”

Citadel Youth Centre, which provided an ideal venue for the day’s activities, is situated in Leith – one of the first build areas in CityFibre’s roll-out. Ultimately, the project will extend Edinburgh’s existing full fibre network and put it within reach of almost every home and business in the city.

Willy Barr, Manager at Citadel Youth Centre, added: “We are really excited to be involved in the partnership between CityFibre and the Edinburgh Fringe. We have had the CityFibre team down to the Citadel to run digital media workshops and they helped support a book launch by our young mums. 

“We are now gearing up for the ‘Fringe Days Out’ scheme, where children and their parents and carers can enjoy Fringe Acts here in Leith. We have also been given huge support with tickets and travel to ensure local families can enjoy performances in the main Edinburgh Fringe without being excluded for financial reasons.”

Kenny Sharkey (CEC libraries) and Elaine Doherty (CityFibre) with Callum Ronald 14 and Rhianyn Ross 12 from Citadel
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