Brexit still looms large but people from the Lothians still look to Europe for short-breaks and longer holidays.

Insight Guides have published a Western Europe guide with nearly 500 pages of detailed maps, in-depth features, great photography and bags of essential information.

A quick guide to top attractions is provided with an editor’s choice for great buildings, art and culture, ancient sites, provincial cities and food and drink.

Information on children and families plus spectacular settings, the great outdoors and off the beaten track are highlighted.

Accommodation, when to go, crime and safety, customs, embassies and consulates, health, insurance and medical care, money, telecoms, time zones, transport and visas plus passports are covered.

However, things may change because of political uncertainty as regards our relationship with Europe with so check before travelling.

Europe, incidentally, is tiny, according to the book which throws up some interesting information.

Only Antarctica is smaller than Europe. France is the largest country in the Continent and it is smaller than the states of Texas and New South Wales.

However, Europe is a rich mix of cultures and creativity and this book will help you plan your travel, provide useful advice on climate and tipping and allow you to explore the region’s history and understand its life, people and politics.

Insight Guides: Western Europe: £18.99: